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Providing low-cost loans for churches and other PC(USA) entities as well as investment opportunities that earn interest and expand the mission of the church.

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We Are Not A Bank, We Are Much More

Many PC(USA) churches have a great vision to provide ministry, education, and hospitality to their communities, but their physical space challenges their ability to live out this vision. We partner with churches nationwide to create environments that support mission and ministry by providing financial project consultation and low-cost loans.

  • Financially Responsible

    With no added fees that can drive up the cost of borrowing, our low-cost loans provide a cost-efficient solution and can help you get your capital project completed without financial waste.

  • Cotton Crewneck Sweater Sweater Crewneck Crewneck Sweater Silk Cotton Silk Cotton Silk Cotton Vision-Driven

    Our expert consultants can help you determine a project plan that serves your vision for mission and ministry and fits your budget.

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    Socially Aware

    Our Restoring Creation Loan has incentives to help your church reduce its carbon foot print, lower its energy costs, and become environmentally responsible for the future.

Lending Services

Korean Central Presbyterian Church of Atlanta was in desperate need for additional education and fellowship space. Find out how we partnered to take a leap of faith.

Loan and Project Consultation

Before you undertake a major capital expansion, let’s make sure it’s the right fit. Our no-cost, three-step consultation process allows us to “sit down and count the cost” to determine the right-size loan or project for your church, saving you time, money and stress.

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Recently, Bethany Presbyterian Church of Marietta, broke ground on an expansion project aimed to provide space for their growing multicultural community. See how investor dollars strengthened this church’s mission and eSilk Sweater Silk Cotton Silk Sweater Sweater Crewneck Crewneck Cotton Cotton Cotton Crewneck nabled the congregation to live out its vision. 

Who Can Invest?

PC(USA) congregations, individual members, presbyteries, and synods are able to invest in the mission and ministry across the PC(USA).